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really good app

if you are keeping score for soccer or hockey this is the app for you i would next time add a baseball opption


Make the period counter go to at least 4

Nice starting point

Solves the problem, but lacks configurability. Main screen is too complicated, I understand theyre there for a reason but it would be nice to be able to remove elements. Also need to set the colors or names of opposing teams, to avoid confusion for different people operating the app as the game goes on and subs come in and out. Its still a good, reccommended app. :) Thanks.

Pretty good

Its simple and straight forward. Easy to use and is very helpful. I use it all the time at competitions or practice. Nice app

Great app!

I have everything what I need


It was pretty good for a simple app.

Finally for the Fencers

Ive been waiting for an app like this for a long time. Great and much easier than a stop watch, esp with the undo function. Multiple start/stop button locations make it easy to find the button and position the ipod/iphone to your own fitting. Hopefully it will contain a function for keeping track of penalties (Yellow, red, and black cards) and period number for DEs in the future, but a fantastic start! And you cant beat free!

Thank you!

I agree - the best one out there! Though I would like to choose my own alert sounds. Muffy should dump that loser Biff.

score counter

this thing is ok ....

Boo boo

It crash my ipod for 12 hours

Useful and simple

Very straightforward, I like the 3 start/stop button positions - no matter how you hold it, a button is easily reached. A second page that kept track of warnings and match counts would be a very nice feature for the future. The button graphics should be replaced - the dithered, stretched edges make the application look cheap. Sadly, there is no sound at all through the iPod Touch (at least not through its speaker) ... thats kind of a bummer for me, but Im not sure the author can do anything about that.

does exactly what it says

you can pretty much score anything with this. customize it for whatever activity you have in front of you. two suggestions to bring this to 5 stars: the ability to have the clock run up as well as down, and the ability to add more than two players. do that and id pay a couple bucks for this. regardless, its nice as it is. better interface than many scorekeepers.

Works well for roller derby

I downloaded this because I thought it could be used as a jam timer and scorekeeper for scrimmages where were not using an official scoreboard/clock. My only gripe is that you cant change the sounds.

Great app, could easily be extended

I have been using this recently as a round timer + scorekeeper for a trading card game, and though it is not the intended use, it works very well for this. In regards to this, I would suggest the ability to save profiles of preset settings; for this, someone like me (an event organizer as well as player) or just a player could use this program as a very powerful and straightforward tool for keeping track of information.

Simple intuitive app that works well

As a fencing instructor, I was really happy to see this app. Im even happier that it works so well. Start/stop buttons are well placed. The new yellow/red card feature is nice, as is the period counter. And a long-time director must have had some input, because only they would understand why the app should have left and right labeled: it helps to have a reminder after you have been directing for several hours. Feature request for the next update: add support for team matches to keep track of which bout it is and what the maximum score is for that bout. Thats the only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5. Whats next? Integration with Fencing Time and AskFRED??? Thanks for a nice app!


If you are trying to use this for a simple game like ping pong. But, it does say that its for fencing, I just wish there was a way to make it a simple two player scorekeeper.

Works great but...

This app does its job great... but definately needs some esthetic upgrades.

Best thing ever.

This is the best app ever. I use it for our school hockey, basketball, and soccer games and its good. Its a life saver.

Its a Start

Its a start, certainly could use some improvements, though. The interface certainly could be cleaned up, and the yellow and red card areas are hard to double tap, and you cant get rid of them (from what Ive found) without resetting. If it does get reset, theres no choice to set the time ones self. There are also way too many start buttons for my taste, I feel like Id be hitting them way too often and Id have to reset. It is, however, a definite start.

dont fence but still useful

I use it to keep track of the score when me and my friends play ping pong and soccer or any sport that scores matter

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