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ScoreCounter app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 2832 ratings )
Utilities Sports
Developer: VandG Software
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Jul 2008
App size: 1.82 Mb

The iPhone app that lets you keep score and time for your fencing bouts right on your iPhone

Use the Red and Green + and - buttons to increment and decrement the score.

The Start/Stop buttons all do the same thing and are located in multiple locations so it will be easy to use with a variety of grips or gestures.

Tapping the gear in the upper right will bring up the Settings menu.
Use the 1 and 3 buttons to set the time to count down from that number of minutes.
The +1 and -1 buttons increase and decrease the time to the next full minute.

The Reset button resets the scores to 0 and the time to what was last set with the 1, 3 or +1 and -1 buttons. If that was a mistake the Reset button will change to say Undo until the the Start/Stop button is hit again. Hitting Undo will put the score and time back to where they were before the Reset button was pressed.

When exiting and reentering ScoreCounter it will remember the last scores and time that were set.

Pros and cons of ScoreCounter app for iPhone and iPad

ScoreCounter app good for

if you are keeping score for soccer or hockey this is the app for you i would next time add a baseball opption
Its simple and straight forward. Easy to use and is very helpful. I use it all the time at competitions or practice. Nice app

Some bad moments

Ive been waiting for an app like this for a long time. Great and much easier than a stop watch, esp with the undo function. Multiple start/stop button locations make it easy to find the button and position the ipod/iphone to your own fitting. Hopefully it will contain a function for keeping track of penalties (Yellow, red, and black cards) and period number for DEs in the future, but a fantastic start! And you cant beat free!
I agree - the best one out there! Though I would like to choose my own alert sounds. Muffy should dump that loser Biff.
Very straightforward, I like the 3 start/stop button positions - no matter how you hold it, a button is easily reached. A second page that kept track of warnings and match counts would be a very nice feature for the future. The button graphics should be replaced - the dithered, stretched edges make the application look cheap. Sadly, there is no sound at all through the iPod Touch (at least not through its speaker) ... thats kind of a bummer for me, but Im not sure the author can do anything about that.
you can pretty much score anything with this. customize it for whatever activity you have in front of you. two suggestions to bring this to 5 stars: the ability to have the clock run up as well as down, and the ability to add more than two players. do that and id pay a couple bucks for this. regardless, its nice as it is. better interface than many scorekeepers.
I downloaded this because I thought it could be used as a jam timer and scorekeeper for scrimmages where were not using an official scoreboard/clock. My only gripe is that you cant change the sounds.
I have been using this recently as a round timer + scorekeeper for a trading card game, and though it is not the intended use, it works very well for this. In regards to this, I would suggest the ability to save profiles of preset settings; for this, someone like me (an event organizer as well as player) or just a player could use this program as a very powerful and straightforward tool for keeping track of information.